3 Post-Vacation Diet Tips to Get You on Track for Summer

diet tips Nov 05, 2018

Had a little too much to eat or drink on Spring Break? Want some post-vacation diet tips to get you on track? I feel ya. I just returned from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. After five days of eating and drinking without much regard to counting calories and macros, I feel bloated, fluffy and out of shape. Blech. With summer less than two months away, I’m ready to attack my diet and workouts with a vengeance.

You don’t want to crash diet or do two-hour workouts to make up for falling off the wagon. Here are 3 post-vacation diet tips to get you on track:

Post-Vacation Diet Tip #1:
Drink lots of water – In addition to helping you feel full, water will help get rid of bloat and water retention. Drink 8 oz. before every meal and try to consume at least one gallon of water for the day.

Post-Vacation Diet Tip #2:
Return to your usually scheduled workouts – You may be surprised to know that you’re more active on vacation than when you’re at home or work (if you have a sedentary job). Resume your normal workouts and turn the dial up on the intensity. They don’t need to be longer, but they should be tougher.

Post-Vacation Diet Tip #3:
Focus on eating unprocessed foods – Step away from the Easter candy! Try to limit your salt and sugar intake by focusing on your diet staples. These include lean proteins (such as chicken breast and egg whites), healthy fats (like nuts and avocado), and carbs (think vegetables, brown rice and sweet potato). If you want a sample meal plan to follow, check out my post on my maintenance diet plan leading to summer.

While it may take several days, you’ll realize that you didn’t gain 10 pounds, although it may feel like it. The most important part is to get back on track so you can quickly get back to your pre-vacation weight.

What are your favorite post-vacation tips for getting back in track?


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