3 Tips to Survive the Holidays Without Busting Your Scale

diet tips Nov 14, 2018

The holiday season doesn't have to mean you pack on the pounds. Keep your weight in check with these tips:

1. Keep doing your workouts!

The holidays are not the time to stop working out. If anything, you should increase them. In addition to burning more calories, they’re a great stress reliever. If you’re traveling, make sure your hotel has a gym. 

No gym? Bring your own workout...resistance bands, jump rope. Try to get more movement in no matter what. Again, the holidays are not an excuse for your exercise routine to “go on holiday.”

2. Don’t overeat

The holidays do not give you carte blanche to eat everything in sight. Go into parties and events with a game plan. Don’t show up hungry...keep your mouth and hands occupied...chew gum...Try one thing that you really like -- not everything. Keep alcohol to a minimum -- those are empty calories! Do not eat like every day from November through December is a holiday. Cut back during the day if you have a party at night. 

3. Make your traditional recipes healthier or make healthier choices
Every recipe has a healthier version. From pumpkin pie to mashed potatoes, you can easily cut calories without sacrificing taste. You might even discover that you like the revamped version better! If you’re not in charge of cooking, try to make healthier choices. For example, a very small slice of pumpkin pie is a better option than pecan pie or apple pie. Skip the candied yams and head for the roasted sweet potatoes (less sugar and calories. When it's turkey time, go for the white meat and skip the dark meat, which typically has more fat and calories.  If you're going to have a drink, avoid the egg nog (fat, calories and mucho carbs)...instead opt for a wine spritzer or spiked cider. 

Have a game plan for the holidays and you won't have to add "lose weight" to your New Year's Resolutions.


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