3 Reasons Why I Love Kajabi

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2019

When it comes to my online business, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m technologically challenged. I try to teach myself as much as I can, but with limited time and patience, I get easily frustrated. As an online fitness and nutrition coach, I want to focus on my clients, not the gory details of updating a website, email database and other tech required to keep my business running.



  • No IT Background Required


Initially I started with a Wordpress site that was hosted through GoDaddy because I was blogging a lot and was told Wordpress is great for this. But the problem was I needed an advanced degree to figure out how to make changes to my site. (What the heck is a plugin?!) When I decided to go through a rebrand I knew I needed to find something that allowed me to eliminate all of the various platforms I was using. But I also wanted something that wasn’t a pain in the butt to figure out, could easily be updated, didn’t cost an arm and a leg, and offered all of the components necessary to run my online business.



  • One Easy-to-Use Platform


So I found Kajabi… I knew it was what I needed because it eliminated my GoDaddy, Wordpress, Mailchimp, and allowed me to have sales funnels without the hassle of plug-ins or coding. Plus, they provide the functionality to offer online courses and a membership site. I was sold --  IT. WAS. ALL. THERE! So I took the leap and started their 28 Day Challenge and hired a Kajabi pro to help me get my site up and running quickly without the headache.



  • Save Time and Money


My business now runs like a well-oiled machine because I can send newsletters, sell products, track my statistics, and so much more -- all from one platform! I also saved money because I no longer need to pay for a variety of services and platforms. I only have to pay for Kajabi. If you haven’t switched, I highly recommend that you do, the time and money you save will blow your mind! 


Check out my Kajabi website at www.allisonjacksonfitness.com!



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