4 Tips to Overcoming Intimidation at the Gym

goals mindset workouts Jan 28, 2019

4 Tips to Overcoming Intimidation at the Gym 

Going to the gym can be incredibly intimidating, especially if you’re unsure where to start. But getting into a regular gym regime is a key component to a healthy lifestyle. So how do you overcome your unfounded fear? Here are 5 tips to conquer your gym-phobia:

  1. Take a tour.
    Half the battle is not knowing where anything is located. Get a thorough tour to look at all the equipment, class offerings, locker room and any other areas that you think you’ll be using. This could be the pool, steam room, sauna, spin class area, yoga room, etc.

  2. Sign up with a friend or get a few training sessions.
    Isn’t everything easier to do with a buddy? If you can’t get a friend or significant other to join with you, sign up for some onsite training. After one or two sessions, you’ll get comfortable with the layout of the gym and get into a routine.

  3. Find the right time for you.
    You may be intimidated when you first walk in. I was the first time I walked into a brand new 24 Hour Fitness. I pretty much had an anxiety attack. I was completely overwhelmed by the layout, options and all the people. I found that going at a time when the gym was not busy was the best way for me to figure out the machines and equipment.

  4. Just do it...and ask for help.
    Try out a class and stay in the back. Test out the machines and ask for help if you don’t know how to adjust them. The only way you will know if the gym is for you is if you try it out. 

Gym intimidation is a real thing, especially when you see the “regulars” who are there all the time. Guess what, you can become a “regular,” too. But getting into the gym is the first step. 


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