5 Last-Minute Holiday Fit Gifts for Fit Moms

misc Oct 28, 2018

Need ideas for what to get your favorite fit mom for Christmas or Hanukkah…or just because? How about some holiday fit gifts for yourself? Here are some of my favorite products that I use on a daily basis (and yes, some of these do include affiliate links):

  1. Fit Bit Charge HR 2
    I reviewed this product recently and I can’t say enough about how much I get out of my Fit Bit. There are benefits I totally forgot to include in my initial review, like the reminder to get up and move every hour. How great is that?? Plus, the vibrating alarm ensures you wake up without waking up your significant other.
  2. Escali Food Scale 
    Here’s how much I love my food scale: I run out and buy batteries if it so much as gives me a hint that the batteries are running low. I use this every.single.day. I bring it on vacation…yes, I’m obsessed with weighing my food! It’s the only surefire way to control your portions.
  3. Escali Weight Scale
    I’ve had this scale for several years, and it measures bodyweight and body fat. It allows you to enter the age, height, etc. of up to four people so the whole family can get in on the action. I weigh myself every day so this scale gets a whole lotta use. While I don’t necessarily think the body fat number is 100% accurate (not many are), it’s very helpful to see if the number goes up or down.
  4. Femme Fitale Weight Lifting Gloves
    I just wore out my first pair after two years – they literally had holes in the leather. These gloves are awesome and come in lots of fun colors and prints…not to mention some bling. They have leopard print, zebra…but my favorite is the camouflage with pink trim and crystals. I’ve received so many compliments on them.
  5. Sling Shot Hip Circle
    This piece of equipment will change your life…okay, maybe not your life but definitely your butt! I use this at the gym after a leg workout to do side squats. You need this in your gym bag. 

Have a favorite Fit Mom gift? Tell me all about it!


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