5 On-The-Go Snacks for Portion Control

diet tips Jan 10, 2019

Staying on track can be hard when you live a busy lifestyle. Between work, kids, running errands, and just everyday tasks trying to stay healthy can be a real challenge! Here are some snacks you can grab quickly while on-the-go that won’t completely derail your progress but will also help you stay full and feel satisfied.

1. Optimum Nutrition Cake Bites

Need something sweet to get you through the day? These cake bites contain about 7 grams of protein and are only 80 calories. These are great for satisfying your sweet tooth and keeping you on track. They come in a pack of 3 so you can eat just 1 or all 3 without feeling guilty! I personally love the birthday cake flavor and chocolate covered cherry, but red velvet and chocolate covered donut are both close seconds.

2. Goodness Knows Snack Squares

Another good option to satisfy your sweet or savory craving is Goodness Knows Snack Squares. They have four squares per package with nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate and at only 45 calories per square you can afford to eat just 1 or all 4! These come in many different flavors so you won’t get bored eating them multiple times a week.

3. Farm & Oven Veggie Snacks

These snacks are not only delicious but they are good for you! You get two servings of veggies and probiotics per pack and there are 3 cookies in each. They come in four different flavors: beet-chocolate, lemon-zucchini, cinnamon-carrot, and pumpkin-maple. They may sound like strange combinations but trust me you can’t even taste the veggies!

4. Legendary Foods Seasoned Almonds

Feel like you could eat a whole bag of almonds without even blinking? Me too! But these portion controlled packs are a sure fire way to keep yourself from eating 500+ calories in one sitting. These come in 4 flavors but my personal favorite is Tangy Ranch! 

*Be sure you purchase the single serve pouches though since there is an option to buy a larger bag.

5. Hacked Snacks 

Hacked Snacks is a company that makes snacks specifically to help keep you on track with your weight loss and health goals. Currently they only have a few snacks available for purchase on their site but they plan to have more available soon. The Protein Popcorn is my personal favorite but they have plenty of snacks like their protein bites that only require one hand to eat and are great for on-the-go!


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