Game On: Here's Your Super Bowl Diet Strategy

diet tips Nov 05, 2018

Are you ready for the big game? Do you have your Super Bowl diet strategy in check? Whether you’re rooting for the Falcons or the Patriots, one thing’s for sure, you don’t want to wreck your diet as you cheer on your favorite team. With some pre-planning, you can enjoy the game, the food and the festivities without wrecking your diet.

Some of the tips from How to Party Like a Rock Star Without Wrecking Your Diet still apply. But here are some additional ways to keep your diet on track:

  1. Eat before you go to the party or before your guests show up. Take that edge off so you’re not starving. Have a nice big salad to fill up your belly and lessen your chances of overeating.
  2. Drink lots of water. Many times hunger is mistaken for thirst. More importantly, for every beer, glass of wine or mixed drink you have, be sure to drink a glass of water. Not only will it help keep a hangover at bay, it will also prevent you from eating too much.
  3. Prepare ahead of time. This means eat less on Saturday and Sunday. Conserve some calories so you can indulge a little on Super Bowl Sunday. Have an egg white omelet for breakfast, salad with grilled chicken for lunch and a protein shake for snack. Then you’ll have extra calories to use if there are some not-so-diet-friendly foods that you want.
  4. Bring or serve a healthy dish. If you want to ensure there’s something for you to eat, bring it or serve it. Some ideas are: shrimp platter, vegetable platter, tossed salad. These are all items that you can over-indulge in guilt-free.

At the end of the day, it’s calories in versus calories out. Plan accordingly. Here are some suggestions for what to eat and what to eat in moderation (e.g., 2 chicken wings versus a dozen):

Go for it: Seafood platters…Fresh vegetables…Salsa and hummus

Use caution: Anything fried…Creamy dips…Cheeses and cheese dips

Are you hosting or attending a party? What’s your favorite go-to healthy Super Bowl recipe?


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