Sugar Craving? 4 Ways to Handle the Sugar Monster

diet tips Nov 05, 2018

It's 3 p.m. You’re tired…you’re bored…or maybe you’re both. It’s nothing a sugar fix couldn’t handle, right? STOP! Step away from the candy bar! When a sugar craving hits, you need a game plan.

Here are four ways to avoid the grips of the sugar monster.

  1. Keep your hands busy
    It’s hard to eat when you can’t use your hands. Type an email. Take up a hobby like knitting. Do a load of laundry. Clean something — anything! Tackle your to-do list. Do whatever you need to in order to distract yourself until the craving subsides.
  2. Keep your mouth busy
    You can’t consume sugar if there’s something already in your mouth. Pop a piece of gum or sugar-free candy. Make a cup of coffee or tea. Call a friend since it’s pretty hard to hold the phone, talk and chew. Start chugging water. I find that this fills my belly and many times will help keep me full
  3. Keep your body busy
    Stop that sugar craving in its tracks and get away from the sugar. Go for a walk. Work up a sweat and go for a run or lift some weights. Try pilates. Wash your car. Look for a place to go hiking. Check the mailbox. Get your body moving, and move it away from the sugar source.
  4. Keep your mind busy
    A busy mind means you won’t have time to think about sugar, much less eat it. Again, get away from the sugar source. Take some time to meditate. Power down and take a nap. Do a crossword puzzle. Occupying your thoughts will keep those sugar cravings in check.

When all else fails, throw away your sugary treat. Afraid you’ll dig it out of the garbage? Be sure to pour some hot sauce or dish soap on it. Now that I’ve shared all of my tricks to outsmart the sugar monster, what are some ways that you avoid sugar cravings?


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