Dealing with Diet Disruptors: Your Fixes for February

diet tips Feb 03, 2019

Dealing with Diet Disruptors: Your Fixes for February

You start the New Year off strong, full of resolve and armed with a healthy eating plan. But by the time February hits, you are faced with a new month of eating temptations and your willpower wanes. No matter what your weakness – sweet, salty, or savory – you are bound to experience some temptations. And the best way to keep those edible impulses in check is with a little preemptive planning. Here are four common scenarios that can mess with your quest for success this month and some strategies to help you stay the course on the road to fit.

The Big Game

Whether you are hosting or just a party goer, make sure you keep healthy options on hand. For mealtime, think tailgate-style Instapot teriyaki chicken and tangy roasted veggies. For snacking, opt for crudité with hummus or guacamole, and check out Hacked Snacks protein popcorn, available in a variety of fun flavors. Nacho-lovers are also in luck, using a few simple ingredient swaps. These mini bell pepper loaded turkey “nachos” are a tasty crowd pleaser – you won’t even miss the actual chips! When it comes to drinks, pass on the beer and go for a seltzer-based spritzer instead or small glass of wine.

Valentine’s Day

Let your loved ones know that flowers, gifts, or an excursion are the way to your heart…not sugary confections. Romantic night out? Be sure to check out the menu beforehand, have a sensible meal in mind that you’re excited about eating, and don’t arrive starving! Hunger can lead to poor decision-making. If you are dining in instead, check out these date night dishes for two . And, if you do wind up with a bunch of sweet treats around the house (candy, cake, cookies), bring them to the office to share or freeze them for the next time you have a family gathering…voila, instant dessert!

Girl Scout Cookie Time

These adorable little cookie pushers (and their persistent parents) are everywhere this time of year and they really want to see your willpower crumble. You can always show your support by buying a box and participating in the troop-to-troop donation program, which sends patriotic cookie care packages to members of the armed forces serving overseas. But if you just got to have your fix, be a smart cookie and opt for these alternatives instead:

· If you like Thin Mints, try: Hacked Snacks Grasshopper Mint Crispy Cakes

· If you like Do-Si-Dos, try: Hacked Snacks Peanut Butter Cookie Protein Bites

· If you like Samoas, try: this recipe for Instapot Coconut Rice Pudding

The Winter Blahs

Counter the cold and keep your belly full with some warm bone broth  or your favorite flavored tea – both can help curb cravings, too. Resist the urge to eat the day away and hibernate. Remember, summer bodies are made in the winter, so keep moving, eat smaller, healthier meals more often, and be sure to stay well-hydrated.


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