Why Diet is More Important Than Exercise

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2019

When you think about health and fitness, does your mind immediately jump to exercise? Would you be surprised if I told you that exercise is actually only responsible for about 10-20% of your results? Crazy, right?!? What you eat is actually responsible for about 80-90% of your overall weight loss and muscle gain results. When people say “you are what you eat,” or “abs are made in the kitchen,” those aren’t just silly sayings! They’re #truthbombs and here’s why:


  • You can’t out train a bad diet. For example, I used to run marathons, which means I ran lots and lots of miles and burned tons of calories! However, I also ate whatever I wanted to and was what you would call “skinny-fat.” This means I was thin, but not toned and it didn’t really look like I trained at all. Not the look I was going for! Diet combined with weight training truly changes your body. I learned this while training to compete in bodybuilding competitions. To really change your body composition, you need to eat correctly and lift heavy weights to build serious muscle. Building muscles = getting toned.


  • Remember: it’s calories in versus calories out! At the end of the day, if you are trying to lose weight it’s all about your intake and expenditure of calories. Going back to my running example -- If I run for 60 minutes or one full hour, I only burn 471 calories. Now that might seem like a great number, but let me put this into perspective. A Bacon Ranch Salad with Chicken from Mcdonald’s is 480 calories…That means running for an hour will not even burn enough calories to eat a salad from Mcdonald’s. This is why you always need to watch your calorie intake and choose your foods wisely!


  • You always have to eat, but you don’t always get to workout. This is soooooo important! Many people in this world have kids and a home and a job and possibly a side business and maybe throw in some pets. This means life can often get in the way and make it hard to get to the gym. But no matter how crazy life gets, you always have to eat food. If you are eating healthy and within your allotted macros (to learn more about macros check out What Are Macronutients?) then you know you are still working towards your goal and staying on track!


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