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What is Astaxanthin? Here's Your Complete Supplement Guide

Originally published on HVMN by  Jamie Witherby.

You’ve probably seen the classic image of a wild salmon swimming upstream—schools of feisty fish fighting the current for hours and hours but never really getting anywhere. Sound like anyone else you know?


If you’re an endurance athlete, this feeling may be all too familiar. You work and work for long periods of time but you don’t really feel like you’re making strides.


Table of Contents

Where Does Astaxanthin Come From?

A Powerhouse Pigment

Algae: Supplement Source

Benefits of Astaxanthin




Supplementing with Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin Gets Straight A's


Don’t pity the wild salmon just yet. To improve your own endurance training, you may want to learn from this bright fish. Don’t worry if you’re not a swimmer; this tip is for all endurance athletes.


In this article, we’ll discuss the multi-faceted endurance...

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