Get Back on Track: Post-Holiday Fit Mom Diet and Workout Plan

cardio diet tips workouts Nov 05, 2018

Did you overdo it during the holidays? Too many cookies and not enough exercise? It happens to the best of us. (Yours truly included…never met a Christmas cookie I didn’t like.)

Don’t wait another minute to get started. Now’s the time to get back in the saddle to take control of your eating and exercising. (Yes, I know New Year’s is this weekend…that’s no excuse.)

The goal is to focus on consistency.  When it comes to changing your body, diet is 70% of the equation, while exercise is 30%. With 100% dedication, you’re ready to go.

Workout Plan

Commit to this workout 5x a week for 12 minutes or 3x a week for 20 minutes. It doesn’t matter if it's first thing in the morning, during lunch or before bed. Pick the time that works best for you and DO IT!

Complete 10 repetitions of each exercise before moving onto the next one. Repeat until you hit 12 minutes or 20 minutes.

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Squats
  3. Push ups
  4. Crunch
  5. Walking lunges
  6. Jumping jacks
  7. Plie squat
  8. Crunch
  9. Push up
  10. Water break for 30 seconds and repeat.

Each week, add 3 minutes so you end up at 5x for 30 minutes or 3x for 50 minutes.

Eating Plan

Limit (notice I didn’t say eliminate) all processed food and sugar. Focus on making your own meals so you know exactly what’s going into everything you eat. Whenever possible be sure to measure your food amounts. If you don’t have any measuring equipment available (food scale, measuring cups or spoons), use your hand to eyeball the amount. The center of your palm is approx. 3 oz., the tip of your thumb is approx. 1 tbsp., and a cupped hand is approx. 1 cup.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can log everything into my favorite app — MyFitnessPal. It’s a great way to keep track of your calories and macronutrients (carbs, protein and fat).

Breakfast…3 egg whites + 1 whole egg + 2 slices whole wheat toast (no butter) OR ½ cup oatmeal

Lunch…Large salad with lots of veggies + 3 oz. grilled chicken OR tuna fish + 2 tbsp. low fat dressing (no cheese, croutons, nuts, etc.)

Afternoon Snack…Apple + 20 almonds OR 1 tbsp. peanut butter

Dinner…3 oz. lean protein (chicken, pork, steak) + 3 cups of green veggies (broccoli, green beans, spinach, etc.)

Evening Snack…Small 100-calorie Greek yogurt + 2 cups air-popped popcorn (no butter)

Be sure to drink lots of water! Try to drink two cups with each meal and snack. In addition to keeping you full, it will keep you hydrated and help with flushing out the fat. This is in addition to any other beverages. Coffee, tea, diet soda, seltzer are all fine to have. Just watch what you add (i.e., sugar, cream, etc.) Try to use skim milk and no-calorie sweeteners like Stevia.

Get ready to get fit and feel good!


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